Block Paving Cleaning And Pressure Washing

Block Paving is an excellent and cost-effective solution for residential driveways as well as communal, commercial parking and public pedestrian areas. After time moss, weeds and algae will start to take over making it not only slippy and unsightly but in the cases of public parking, it can be an issue as the dividing bricks becoming indistinguishable making it harder for residents and employees to park.

At Bucks Pressure Washing we are experts in residential and commercial block paving cleaning and restoration.
Below are some before and after photographs of some recent block paving pressure washing jobs, have a look through and call us on 01296 661558 or fill in the contact form below for a free site survey and quotation.

Before We Start

When we arrive to clean your block paving we firstly make sure the area is free of leaves & refuse, we also open all the drainage channels & make sure the drains are blocked so that no waste or debris can be flushed down during the pressure washing process. We also wet all the walls & fences to make them easier to wash down later. If the driveway has a garage, we install water booms in front of the doors to stop anything getting inside.

Pressure Washing

Block paving pressure washing is either carried out with our orbital surface cleaners or lances with turbo nozzles attached. Dependent on the level of water absorption of the driveway we carry pumps and high powered vacuums so all the debris and water will be completely removed and cleaned away.

Clean Up & Sanding

Once we have finished pressure washing, we'll make sure all the house and walls are hosed and the windows bladed down. We also make sure the gravel sidings are cleaned if needed. If the weather is on our side we'll be able to re apply sand on the same day otherwise we'll make a return visit as soon as possible. Once we've finished we shoot and email you before and after photos so you can see the quality of our work.

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