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Conservatories are an expensive investment and well looked after they will last for years.

Whether it's a busy, bustling kids room or a quiet sanctuary and gateway to your garden, your conservatory gets dirty just like every other room in the house, but given the proper care and attention by our experts, they are an amazing addition to any home. If you are looking for sell your property then a clean gleaming conservatory will significantly add value to the property, even if you're not selling your house, they are a sizable investment and we recommend getting your conservatory fully valeted every 18 months or so to keep them in tip top condition.
Conservatories are one of our services where we don't use actually pressure washers, instead we just use water, maybe some cleaning products, elbow grease and a lot of time and care. Our experts follow a multi step routine to make sure the whole structure is clean, maintained and looking as good as it possibly can.
When we arrive at your property, all we need is access to the inside and outside of then conservatory, an accessible mains socket for our gutter vacuum cleaner and a water tap. we are a specialist company, so naturally we're insured and have all the specialist ladders and equipment that you would expect.
Conservatory valets take about 2 to 3 hours and your conservatory will be your favourite room in the house again.

Frame And UPVC Cleaning

Dependent on the state of the frame and UPVC elements, we use usually simply use water and maybe a mild soap and water solution. Only in the the rare occasions where algae has really built up, do we resort the the big boy products.

Glass And Acrylic Washing

As we are already on the roof, we don't bother with pole brushes, we roll our sleeves up and get stuck in, we'll also check all the seals and verify they are all healthy too whilst we're up there.

Gutter And Downpipe Clearing And Cleaning

Most conservatory gutters are fitted level so contain a fair bit of moss, standing water, leaves and soil. so we vacuum everything out first, check all the brackets, then wash everything down.

Locks, Handles & Hinges

We also lubricate all the hinges, handles and locks and inspect all the moving parts to make sue they don't start to seize up
Once all that's done, we'll give it a dry off so no marks are left, then we'll give it a once over, drink a coffee and be on our way.

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