This probably isn't the sort of offer you're expecting but it's a good one, honest

I do understand that most companies will offer a some financial reward for referring them to friends or family. I also understand that it does make for a very compelling reason to help them with their marketing. But hold your horses for a little moment, I'm pretty sure that our offer will not only reward your taste buds and make your table a whole lot prettier but I'd also go so far as to say it just might change your life for the better.

So here's the thing

when we're not making your premises a whole lot cleaner and safer, I can be found (after I've showered) in our kitchen chopping, peeling or helping with whatever Jules is currently preparing. We make Chutney, lots of Chutney and it's really good too. Hopefully you might have seen us in your local deli, farm shop or brasserie. It's called Jim and Jules Big Adventure and we supply about 15 retail outlets now. So when i say offer that might be gilding the lily a little bit too much..... Actually no it's not, our chutney is epic and if you tell your friends about how pleased your are with our services and and they let us know, I'll pop back over and drop one of our special gift packs direct to your door.

There is also a fair chance I'll leave a jar with you when I'm done as I'm really sure you'll love it.

Jim and Jules Big Adventure History

Jim and Jules Big Adventure (JJBA) was born in 2008 out of a need to fund our wedding and Jim’s parents having a massive apple tree on their farm, with apples going spare. While I researched the legalities, Jim invented Scrummy Apple Chutney and booked our 1st stall. We won 2nd prize from the WI which boosted our confidence!

We worked for 18 months at weekends, selling at many local farmers markets and events and raised a large chunk to put towards our wedding.

With the great experience of building a business together as a foundation for our marriage, in May 2009 we got married and a great day was had by all (we had a cake made of cheese!).

We didn’t want to stop making and selling chutney because we loved making something delicious out of things that would otherwise go to waste, had met so many lovely people and enjoyed working for ourselves. We continued our weekend quest for a couple of years, adding in Apple & Chilli Jelly and Onion & Chilli Gubbins along the way.

People often ask what the “adventure” is…. It’s all an adventure, the wedding was just the beginning.

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