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Bring your block paving back to life

Block paving make a superb solution for residential driveways as well as commercial and retail spaces as is provides a quality looking entrance for the property, but also it's long lasting providing it's looked after and cleaned regularly to stop build up of Moss, weeds, lichens and algae.
Cleaning block paving takes a fair bit of time, care, attention and effort and it's really not a job that can be simply carried out with a DIY pressure washer. Firstly we sweep/vacuum the whole area to get rid of the bulk of the loose moss, leaves or weeds. We then concentrate on areas where oil spillage has occurred and treat them with specialist commercial products before surface cleaning the whole area. Once we've cleaned everything and it's all dry, we then return and re-sand the whole area leaving it looking like new.

Making your patio slabs feel welcoming again

Your patio is the social and focal point of your garden in the summer months. It is also usually a fairly expensive investment and with some regular maintenance and cleaning, we can keep it looking great for years to come.

We know how important your patio is to you and your household, which is why when we clean patios extra special care is taken not to allow any back spray up the walls and windows and we use special tools when cleaning the edges so we don't harm your garden and plants. Once we're finished cleaning an area we'll vacuum all the water so it's basically dry and like new.

Softwood And Hardwood Decking

Decking can be an amazing asset to any garden, but over time lichens and algae can build up making it a potential deathtrap towards the winter months. Incidentally, this is the reason we started a pressure washing company in the first place.

Decking isn't as straight forward to clean as you'd imagine especially when it comes to softwood. We've fixed many customers decking who've tried to pressure wash it themselves with their own DIY unit. If you hold the lance to close or static for too long, you'll easily blow the wood and cause some long term damage, which is why we use wheeled lances and surface cleaners to minimise that possibility. If your decking needs extending, maintaining or replacing take a look at for more details.

Commercial Or Residential Concrete

Most concrete has a hard life, whether it's commercial, residential or retail, they are all susceptible to dirt, road salt and other contaminants that over time make concrete turn slippy, black and generally unappealing.

Our cleaning service for concrete will make the surface look like it's just been laid, whether it's imprinted concrete or a general use parking area. We also offer a sealing service which will protect your imprinted concrete and make it less slippery in the wet. We can also add coloured tints because it may have lost a lot of the original colour over time due to wear and tear and lack of re-sealing.

Residential Gutter Cleaning

Moss, Birds, Weeds and general flying stuff plays havoc with gutters and will more often than not end up in some serious costs if' it 's not looked after. Two of the most common reasons for water damage in the UK are due to gutters and down pipes.

Our cleaning system if 100% safe as we do it all from the ground and with our special camera inspection system, you can see difference we've made and usually you'll be astonished. Gutter cleaning is a quick and simple process, which I'd recommend you get done annually around autumn just to be on the safe side, which is why we add your to our scheduling system and contact you next year, so we can project you through the oncoming winter rain.

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