High Level Gutter Cleaning In Milton Keynes

We have recently carried out some downpipe unblocking and gutter clearance on a school in Bletchley near Milton Keynes. Blocked downpipes are a real problem, especially in primary schools and secondary schools. Quite often in schools and academies the cause of the blockage is tennis balls or foam balls that have been thrown into the gutter.

As well as blocked gutters, the school also has a pigeon problem, with 30 or so making camp on the school's roof as well as perching on the ledge at the top of the rendered walls. In addition to cleaning pigeon droppings from the walls, we also installed pigeon spikes to stop them from coming back. Have a read through this blog and make sure to click on the images as most have video footage as well.

Blocked Down Pipes Cause Flooding And Serious Damage

All the downpipes at the property were blocked causing water damage to the walls as well as the gutters at the top.

Our team removed the grate at the bottom and unblocked the pipes with either augers or hand tools.

When we work on downpipes we'll run a camera up to inspect any potential blockages.

Aluminium Fascia Panel Cleaning

Above the rendered walls, the school has aluminium fascia panels up to the gutter channel. Over the years the fascia panels had started to collect algae and dirt.

Our team is IPAF certified and used to working at heights. The top of the building was around 12 metres high so cleaning it from a cherry picker was the obvious solution.

The process was a two-stage job using biocide followed by pressure washing. The biocide treatment was applied to the fascia at low pressure from the ground. After the biocide treatment, we cleaned off the rest of the debris with a pressure washer from the cherry picker.

To see the cleaning process in action, click on any of the images to watch the video.

Pigeon Fouling Cleaning And Defender Spike Installation

As well as the blocked gutters, the school also had a serious pigeon problem. Local to the property was a pigeon breeder and the birds used the roof and cladding ledge as their perch point.

The pigeon droppings had covered the blue rendered walls, turning it into an ugly mess. As well as the walls, the ledges below were also covered making it a hazard to the pupils below.

The rendered walls were quite delicate and had to be treated with care. The first stage of the clean was a light disinfectant spray followed by a low-pressure jet wash to remove the rest of the guano debris.

Pigeon Proofing Installation

After the walls and ledges were fully cleaned and dried we installed DefenderĀ® plastic pigeon spikes around the ledges to make it impossible for the birds to return.

To see the cleaning process in action, click on any of the images to watch the video.

This project was a full and comprehensive service carried out by qualified experts, if your school or commercial premise has any issues with blocked gutters, dirty cladding or a pigeon issue then call the office on 01296 661558 and we'll happily come out and carry out an extensive site survey and free quotation.

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