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Garden shed felting & summer house renovation

Garden sheds and summer houses are a pretty and useful addition to the garden, but the roof can perish over the years, especially if the building is located underneath or near trees.
I have been re felting shed roofs for more than 20 years because my father owns a garden building company and I've had many years helping him as well as getting referrals from him, so I'd like to consider myself as an expert.
In most occasions, if the roof is in need of felting, then the barge boards are worn out too. So when we initially arrive to do a quotation, I'll measure the boards or take one off the building, so I can duplicate them in our workshop and bring new ones back all treated and ready to be installed.
When I turn up on site to replace the felt, I'll clean the existing roof off and let the underneath wood dry out completely and make sure all the nails and debris has all gone. Once everything is ready we'll install trade use roofing felt which will last much longer than most of the products that are available from DIY outlets.
Once finished, we'll take all the old felt away and dispose of it and your garden shed or summer house will be ready for use and will last for many years to come.

We can do more than boring felting...

Most garden sheds just have require normal mineral felt, but if you fancy something a little different we can install decorative shingles in an array of different styles and colours.
I've been working with wooden buildings for the last 20 years and the only reason I don't actually sell sheds is because my dad does and I wouldn't tread on his turf, instead of actually selling sheds I tend to repair them or build custom parts for sheds, such as custom shelves or linings.
I've recently fully lined a customers shed and installed LED lights so he's got a full 'Man Cave' I was genuinely envious.
So basically if you've got a shed and would like the roof fixing or it turning into something amazing, give me a call on 07966 072414 or drop me an email with the contact form and I'll pop around for a chat and see how we can help.

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