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Pigeon Proofing And Bird Spike Solutions

Pigeons and other birds pose a costly and hazardous problem for many schools, colleges and universities around Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire. Many campuses have open courtyards, outdoor eating spaces and overflowing garbage cans. These are the areas where birds like to loiter for food scraps. The birds wait on ledges and roof lines until lunch is over and then swoop down to feast on the leftovers.

The birds waiting on rooflines and loft perches damage and ruin walls. Additionally, nesting trash and debris can inhibit air conditioning vents, signage, lighting fixtures, security cameras and more. The debris clogs the rain gutters, leading to leaks. Birds leave mounds of droppings that can spread diseases, and students can slip and fall on fresh bird droppings, which is a huge liability for any educational institution. Thus, you would want your educational facility bird and pigeon proof and fortunately, Bucks Pressure Washing can help.

Our Bird Proofing and Deterrents Solutions

Depending on your specific situation, the experts at Bucks Pressure Washing use different approaches to make sure the birds and pigeons stay out of your building. Our years of experience in dealing with pest birds has allowed us to build an range of pigeon proofing solutions, such as anti-perching bird spikes, bird netting, window ledges, parapets, post and wire. These effective devices preserve the aesthetics of your building, and our technicians are highly trained to install them.

Bird and Pigeon Proofing
pigeons foul damage to wall
Pigeons Foul Damage To High Level Wall

All our bird control measures are carried out with minimum disturbance to your staff and students. We also clean all the nesting debris and bird droppings to offer a clean and healthy environment to your students and staff.

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    Inspection And Pigeon Proofing Methods and Planning. 

    We thoroughly examine rooftops, attics, vents, chimneys, fire escapes and more to realise the scope of the problem. Once we know what we are dealing with, our team works on a prevention strategy tailor-made just for you.

    Our trained pigeon proofing technicians also provide sanitation and clean up services for bird nests and waste.

    high level wall after pigeon spike installation
    high level wall after cleaning

      Pigeon proofing with deterrent spikes  Bird spikes are installed along building ledges where birds perch or nest. Spikes are harmless and prevent birds from landing in the area. Bird spikes are installed at multiple heights and widths to suit the area.

      Bird netting  Netting is the most used method to keep pigeons and other pest birds out of your school building. They are not only cost-effective solution but flexible to keep birds out of your school, college and university buildings. Moreover, this bird deterrent method is completely harmless to birds.

      Bird wire  At Bucks Pressure Washing, we use bird wire because it’s a low-profile, discreet solution for bird or pigeon proofing. It carries approval for historical buildings and is made up of spring-tensioned stainless-steel wire which is attached to several steel posts. It is also harmless to birds and humans because the wire is made of nylon and can be clamped down to protect a variety of other surfaces such as rain gutters and beams.

    Pigeon Proofing For Schools - Success 1st Time with Defender

    If your school has a pigeon problem call us for a free survey and find out how our pigeon proofing solutions can help your school or commercial property.

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