Softwashing is a green, ECO friendly solution for commercial and residential customers.

Softwashing is a low pressure, environmentally friendly solution to cleaning both commercial and residential properties as well as a host of other areas such as statues, signs, paving and concrete.
In many instances, soft washing is a far more sustainable option than pressure washing as it uses far less water and energy. As it's low pressure there is little chance of damage to the building or surrounding areas as the chemicals degrade very quickly, once dry they are completely safe for pets, children, and the surrounding environment.
We have been soft washing for many years for both residential and commercial customers with some truly amazing results and as we use state of the art technology you can be assured that your property will have the same result.
Before we start soft washing a property, we will custom mix the required chemicals so they are appropriate to the surface to be cleaned, we'll then pick a small area and apply the recipe as a test to make sure everything is ok before we clean the whole area.

What can we clean with Softwashing?

Coloured Render Cleaning

Render looks brilliant but over time algae, moss and lichens stain and ruin the appearance of a home or commercial building. Soft washing will gently kill the algae at it's root and restore the renders natural finish.

Residential And Commercial Cladding

Cladding build up algae especially on the north or east side of the building and usually under the guttering or around fixing holes, soft washing is usually a far gentler and superior solution than pressure washing.

uPVC Fascias And Window Framing

Dirty fascias and framing really bring down the appearance of the building and with some appropriate soft washing we can quickly and simply bring it back to it's original glory.

Stone Buildings And Monuments

Lichen and algae loves stone work, especially sandstone but pressure washing is far too aggressive. This is where soft washing is a perfect solution to remove keep the stonework in prime condition.
This is just a selection of areas where soft washing can help, if you've got something that's not listed, please contact us today and we'd be more than happy to help.

As softwashing uses powerful chemicals and biocides then people may worry about the potential hazards it can cause to the environment. At Bucks Pressure Washing we are experts and make every effort to make sure it's totally safe to pets, children, and the environment.
Bucks Pressure Washing is fully insured and we are also PASMA and IPAF accredited which means we can work at high levels on both residential or commercial sites. We are also CSCS certified so we can work on building sites or general construction environments.
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