Wooden Decking Pressure Washing And Algae Removal

Wooden decking makes an amazing social space in a garden, but when it's not looked after and a few heavy winters have taken their toll, real wood can begin to look tired, green, rotten, dangerous and very slippery. Our decking pressure washing service and restoration techniques will keep your decking fresh for years. Have a look through the before and after photos below and then get in contact for a free site survey and quotation to see how we can help.

Algae Treatment

Before we pressure wash a wooden deck, we first give it a pre-rinse in a concentrate algae cleaner and give it a good brush in. This is an effective way of removing the heavy build-up of the most stubborn dirt and grime as well as algae without having to use heavier levels of pressure from the pressure washer.

Pressure Washing

Once the pre-wash has been carried out, we use a low pressure turbo nozzle to test the strength of the wood and turn it up until it's strong enough to clean the decking without damaging the fibres of the wood. We come equipped with high powered vacuum cleaner, so once cleaned we'll vacuum up all the waste dirt.

Oiling & Treatment Options

We work with a few oil and treatment suppliers to suit your individual needs. So after the decking is dry we apply a choice of decking oil to the deck to leave you with a perfect surface to compliment your garden.

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