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New Build Cleans And Brick Cleaning By The Experts

The construction industry is going from strength to strength in recent years and residential properties are springing up everywhere you look. Brick layers are constantly put under pressure to meet deadlines and keep the build on schedule.

Often with deadlines this tight, inevitably cement will get spilled on brickwork and there is less time to make good.

Building sites are messy places too,  it’s not just bricklayers and their colleagues,  landscapers, the weather and general day to day activities all take their toll on new builds.

Pressure Washing New Bricks Isn’t The Answer

When carrying out brick cleaning projects; pressure washing isn’t the always the first tool to use, it’s easy to remove the brick face. The fresh mortar hasn’t had time to cure and fully harden so unless the cleaning is performed be an expert it’s all too easy to blow out cement from the joints.

Fortunately; our team of experts know the right tools for the job and the safest way to perform brick cleaning projects.  On a site we will use a combination of steam, low pressure, brick acid as well as brushes, oh and we also use specialist pressure washers when the need arises.

Our team are all experienced at brick cleaning, and all CSCS, IPAF and PASMA accredited so we can work on all building sites and happily work at heights from MEWP’s or from the existing scaffolding.

after brick cleaning little chalfont.
before brick cleaning little chalfont.
after brick cleaning milton keynes
before brick cleaning milton keynes
after brick cleaning aston clinton
before brick cleaning aston clinton
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    Premium Property End Of Build Cleaning

    If you are building a premium property for exclusive clients, our expert team can carry out a full and extensive exterior clean of the entire property, making sure it’s pristine and ready for the photographers and prospective clients. Our clients often request us not to publish before and after photos of their exclusive properties, but we can send photos and references on request.

    Service Key Features

    When we clean premium properties, we don’t just clean the walls, our team of experts will clean every exterior part of the property so it’s sparkling and ready for Knight Frank and co to come and take breathtaking photos ready for sale.

      Render Cleaning, often render can accumulate marks during the build, our team delicately go over the build and remove them as well as removing unsightly bird droppings.
      Block Paving Driveways, Although they are new; forklift tyres, landscapers and other trades can take their toll on newly laid block paving. We can make it customer ready.
      Patios And Pathways, Patios on new builds often get walked on with muddy boots or messed up with barrow wheels, our expert team will gently clean new patios without causing damage to the new grout or mortar.
      Damp Course Cleaning, Often K Rend, coloured render and paint end up on the damp course. our team use techniques to clean the damp course without causing damage to the newly laid mortar.

    new build patio clean
    damp course on rendered walls before clean
    damp course on rendered walls after clean