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Wet Pour Playground Cleaning For Schools And Councils

Play Area And Wet Pour Playground Cleaning

Newly laid wet pour surfaces look astonishing, and they are a great asset for school playgrounds. Over time these vibrant and bright surfaces become full and gather dirt, algae, lichen and moss. It not only makes the surface slippery and discoloured but is prone to collecting ice in winters. Thus, regular care and maintenance are essential to ensure wet pour playgrounds stay safe for children. Bucks Pressure Washing offers cleaning services using high-pressure steam or water to restore the original colours of the wet pour or soft play tiled area and retain the highest level of safety for children.

Professional Wet Pour Playground Cleaning Services

At Bucks Pressure Washing, we use a specialist cleaning solution and high-quality equipment to restore your wet pour rubber surfaces to their original condition. We offer our services for any size playground and clean them safely and effectively to the highest standards. We not only clean the flooring but the play equipment as well removing all the debris, dirt, moss, algae, lichens and also the graffiti.

The wet pour play area surface can get damaged with the wrong cleaning techniques. We use high-pressure steam and water to safely and without damaging clean the wet pour playground and play areas bringing back the vibrant colours, removing unsightly algae, mould and moss, and stains. In addition to this, we organise a cleaning schedule to maintain the areas and repair the area where needed.

wet pour after cleaning
wet pour before cleaning
Wet Pour Play Surface After Cleaning
Wet Pour Play Surface Before Cleaning
Dirty Wet Pour Surface

Our Cleaning Process

  Site Survey Our expert team visits your school to examine the site and recommend the cleaning solutions and processes to restore the original colour. We also provide you with a no-obligation quote for the cleaning and maintenance.

  Cleaning Once you accept the offer, our experts start with the cleaning process. We sweep the floor to remove all debris, dirt and leaves from your wet pour playground. Then apply the specialised eco-friendly solutions to kill the algae, weeds, moss and lichens. If the surface is stained, we pre-treat it and then clean it to the highest standards using steam and water. We thoroughly rinse the area, taking care to wash away all the traces of the solution and use a vacuum to dry the surface before letting children use the area again.

  Apply antibacterial disinfectant and algicide Once the area is completely dry, our cleaning experts apply antibacterial disinfectant and algaecide to keep the play area safe and inhibits the regrowth of algae in the future keeping the area slip-free for long.

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    Fully Insured For Wet Pour Playground Cleaning and Maintenance

    Bucks Pressure Washing is a fully insured and certified cleaning company in London. We are IPAF certified to offer our services nationwide and are PASMA, CSCS and DBS certified. All our cleaning experts are highly trained and vetted to perform the wet pour are cleaning services. When you hire us, you can rest assured, your wet pour surfaces are in safe hands.

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