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Fire Escape Staircase Cleaning

Fire Escape Cleaning And Staircase Pressure Washing

A fire escape staircase offers a safe exit route in the event of an emergency and is often attached to a building externally. A fire escape staircase provides employees, contractors, and visitors to your organisation with a safe means of exit should a fire occur at your property.

As the fire escape staircase is located at the rear of the building, it often suffers from poor maintenance in terms of cleaning. The external staircase is exposed to environmental elements like rain, dust, bird droppings, algae and mould that wear it down.

The internal fire escape staircase suffers an accumulation of soil at the edges and corners of the steps and landings. Even if there is a fire escape cleaning schedule in place, the staircase gets a quick clean with a broom or mop often missing the edges and corners.

Call Bucks Pressure Washing to expertly clean your fire escape staircase and stairwell.

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Importance of Fire Escape Cleaning 

The fire staircase and stairwells should be well maintained as a part of the building cleaning maintenance plan, not just to ensure the safety of the users but as a legal requirement as per the British Standard Guide to Building Maintenance Management BS8210. Our experts offer one-off cleaning or can form an annual maintenance schedule to clean your fire escape staircase at regular intervals.  Moreover, the fire escape staircase must be always clean and presentable. It is because, it is a reflection on your business, like the rest of the areas including driveway, car park, entrance, etc.

 To keep your fire escape staircase and stairwell in good health, call Bucks Pressure Washing on 01296 661558 to see how can help your fire escape staircase.

Reliable, Competitively Priced and Fully Insured 

With over 10 years of experience, Bucks Pressure Washing specialist service provides our clients with the assurance that their fire escape staircase will be pressure cleaned fast, efficiently and to the highest standards.

We are experts at cleaning all exterior elements of commercial and educational buildings. Moreover, our specialist operators are all DBS checked so can work anywhere around the building. Also, we cordon the area so we can work during school or office hours if required without disturbance.

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    At Bucks Pressure Washing, we use the latest power washing technology to get professional results. Our pressure washers can get anywhere around your building and the high-pressure hoses are up to 40 metres long so we can work at high levels easily.

    Our expert examines the area that needs cleaning and then customise the cleaning solutions that work best for your fire escape staircase. Our team expertly clean your staircase, removing all traces of slippery moss and algae growth, dust and dirt leaving it clean. We offer one-time cleaning and form a maintenance cleaning schedule as per your needs.

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