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Gutter Cleaning and Downpipe Unblocking Packages

Gutter Cleaning and Downpipe Unblocking 

Gutters and downpipes are your schools or colleges first line of defense against leaks. They direct rain and stormwater away from your building, preventing water damage, major structural issues to roof and walls, keeping classrooms, basements from flooding, and more.

However, many schools and colleges wait too long before having their gutters and downpipes checked and cleaned and it is a mistake that can lead to expensive repairs and even roof collapse. Gutters and downpipes last many years, but they get clogged with leaves and debris, rust, flake and leak with time causing issues to your building like water seepage in walls leading to mildew and mold growth which can cause allergies. Such classrooms are unhealthy both for your students and staff.

  Fully Insured & Bonded Staff  We are CSCS and DBS certified as well as IPAF qualified to offer our services in all environments.

Guter After Cleaning
Gutter Before Cleaning
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Minimize the risks posed to your school or college building by hiring experienced gutter and downpipe cleaning services from Bucks Pressure Washing. We offer specialist cleaning and maintenance services nationwide helping school and college owners get their gutters and downpipes cleared of built-up dirt and debris and repair services leaving it looking as good as new.

  Professional and Reliable Gutter Cleaning 
Our team is highly competent and uses the latest equipment, eco-friendly chemicals and proven gutter cleaning techniques to clean the gutters and downpipes without causing any damage, preventing the need for any costly repairs.

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At Bucks Pressure Washing, we have the right skills and equipment to clean and maintain your gutters and downpipes to the highest standards. We carry out the gutter cleaning at a time and frequency that suits your needs, and with little disruption to your students and teachers.

Whether you have a one-off requirement or looking for regularly scheduled services, our experts can tailor the service to your exact requirements. We also provide a full survey of your property to recommend the level of service to best suit your requirements.

We also provide a Planned Preventative Maintenance Package which includes 2 scheduled gutter cleans and surveys a year to keep your gutters and downpipes always clean. Our team usually carries out the survey and clean between November and January when leaves have fallen and at the start of the summer holidays.

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      What does our Gutter Cleaning Service Involve?
    We use the latest in gutter vacuum cleaning equipment, ensuring you receive the best results. Also, where required our trained professionals use our own access platforms to reach difficult areas. All the cleaning and maintenance work is undertaken by our trained and certified staff. Before any work begins, a site-specific risk assessment and method statement is carried out and we perform a high-level camera survey to determine what is in the gutters. At Bucks Pressure Washing, we always ensure the gutters are cleaned and maintained safely with a zero-accident policy.

    We also provide a risk assessment statement supplied on every job as safety at height is our priority. Our experts also carry out a drone survey which is a detailed property survey to ensure which areas need cleaning. Before and after photos are supplied following the clean to show a clear and functional gutter and downpipe systems.

    We are the experienced gutter and downpipe cleaning experts, offering affordable services to our clients. Moreover, we are fully insured and licensed cleaning experts that aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.

    milton keynes gutters before clean
    milton keynes gutters before clean

    We are CSCS and DBS certified as well as IPAF qualified to offer our services nationwide. You can count on us for your school or college gutter and downpipe systems cleaning and maintenance.

    To book your gutter and downpipe survey and cleaning service with us, please call on 01296 661558 or 07966 072414.