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Hall and Gym Cladding Cleaning

Cladding Cleaning For Halls, Gym And Buildings

Cladded hall or gymnasium walls look amazing and create a uniform and smart appearance. It is used for many decades and the technology used to create the product has improved considerably, ensuring greater durability. Many kinds of cladding are used for the properties like the render, veneer, brick, stone and timber with a variety of finishes including anodised, painted, plastic-coated, powder coated and more to increase the aesthetic appeal of the building.

However, the cladding surface is prone to algae, moss and lichen growth especially on north-facing elevations that look unsightly and damage the surface. Also, heavy winds, storms and snow can cause long term damage to the surface. If the cladding is not cleaned and maintained to a high standard it becomes permanently discoloured, with the only solution being costly spraying or replacement. Regular school or college hall and gym cladding cleaning is the simplest and cost-efficient way to ensure your school maintains a professional look and appeals to the students and staff. Bucks Pressure Washing is an expert at cleaning all types of cladding surfaces and we provide hall and gym cladding cleaning service for your school or college to make the cladding look as good as new.

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School Gym After Cleaning
School Gym Before Cleaning

Customised Hall and Gym Cladding Cleaning Services

At Buck Pressure Washing, we offer customised hall and gym cladding cleaning services including an anti-fungal wash treatment to break down and remove contamination. We examine the cladding surface and depending on the material, the level of growth and soiling, we either pressure wash, steam clean or chemical wash from the ground or depending on access we’ll bring in a cherry picker or scissor lift to carefully clean the surface, leaving it looking like new.

Our specialists can also treat rust marks using a specialised chemical to help lift the stains before washing them. Once the cladding is cleaned, we apply a biocide to inhibit further algae, moss or lichen growth and keep the building looking better for longer. We aim to offer hassle-free, environmentally friendly school and college hall and gym cladding cleaning services tailored to your specific needs.

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    High-Quality Equipment and Trained Staff for Cleans

    We use a variety of specialised high-quality equipment, including cherry pickers and scissor lifts to ensure that our cladding cleaning service is completed to the highest standards and completed in little time possible. Moreover, our staff undergoes regular training ranging from site safety to chemical application techniques to ensure the quality of the work we produce is exceptional. All staff is supplied with uniforms and are polite. In addition to this, the chemicals we use to restore the cladding surface are eco-friendly and bio-degradable reducing the environmental footprint.

    We understand that your school and college hall and gym cladding cleaning and maintenance can sometimes interrupt the regular running of your school. Therefore, we work in the evenings, overnight and at the weekends, to cause minimal disruption to the running of your school or college and the duties of your staff.

    School Gym During Cleaning Process
    Cherry Picker Cladding Cleaning

    Compliant with Health and Safety Legislation 

    Bucks Pressure Washing is an accredited and fully insured IPAF certified pressure washing cleaning company in London offering our services nationwide. This ensures all our processes are not only compliant but are modern, safe and effective. A combination of adherence to our health and safety responsibilities, adequate insurance and the provision of a risk assessment makes sure your and our health and safety are assured.

    If you would like to discuss how our cladding service can benefit your property, please call Bucks Pressure Washing. Call us on 01296 661558 or 07966 072414.