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School Cleaning And Planned Maintenance Services

Planned Maintenance Services

Educational facilities need to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for students, teachers and other staff. Whether you run a school or college, students should focus on studying and never be at risk of picking up germs or slipping on dangerous surfaces.

Bucks Pressure Washing systematic approach to cleaning schools and colleges helps protect the health of the students and staff. We are experts at providing one-off exterior cleans for hard surfaces all around the school or college campus. We offer Planned Maintenance (PPM) packages for your building’s gutters and downpipes.

Our cleaning experts are fully trained, insured, and DBS certified and can work in term time if required. We are sure to deliver a safe and healthy facility without disrupting your students and teachers.

  Gutter and Downpipe Cleaning Packages
  Bike Shelters and Canopies
  Hall and Gym Cladding Cleans
  Wet Pour Playground and Play Area Cleaning
  Bird and Pigeon Proofing
  Wooden Play Equipment Cleaning

We guarantee you’ll be so satisfied with our cleaning services, you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us sooner

Wet Pour Playground After Cleaning
Wet Pour Playground Before Cleaning
School Cladding After Cleaning
School Cladding Before Cleaning
School Cleaning And Planned Maintenance Services 1
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If you’d like a free survey and quotation or just discuss any planned maintenance projects then just complete the form and one of us will get in touch and organise a visit. 

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    Gutter and Downpipe Cleaning Packages

    Blocked gutters and downpipes can cause major structural issues to roof and walls like flooding or even roof collapse. So, do not let the choked gutters and downpipes hamper your students study time, get immediate help from Buck Pressure Washing.

    We provide a Planned Maintenance Package which includes 2 scheduled gutter cleans and surveys a year. Some insurance providers are now requiring this as part of their policy terms.

    Our team usually carry out the survey and clean between November and January when leaves have fallen and at the start of the summer holidays.

      DBS Certified Staff.
      Work from the ground where possible.
      IPAF Qualified, so we work from MEWP’s where needed.
      State of the art camera survey equipment.

    We structure gutter cleans specifically for each client’s individual requirements and perform a camera survey before we start to determine what is actually in the gutters.

    It’s not just leaves and plant matter that cause gutters and downpipes to block, we find trainers, water bottles, balls as well as pencil cases and a host of toys.  This is why we don’t always just use ground based vacuum systems and change our methods to cherry pickers or scissor lifts.

    gutter cleaning before and after
    gutter cleaning cherry picker
    School Cleaning And Planned Maintenance Services 1

    Bike Shelters and Canopies

    Bike shelters and canopies allow the students and staff to park their bikes and scooters safely and securely, but they can become dirty, smelly and a litter trap.

    Bucks Pressure Washing offers cleaning services to renew your bike shelters. We provide one-off cleans as and when required as well as scheduled clean carried out annually.

    Our experts clean all the powder-coated or galvanised frames and pressure wash the acrylic panels. Once the shelter is clean, we jet wash the ground inside and outside and the bike staple bars as well as frames.

    After the cleaning process, the entire shelter is disinfected and sanitised.

    Bike Shelter After Cleaning
    Bike Shelter Before Cleaning
    School Cleaning And Planned Maintenance Services 1

    Hall and Gym Cladding Cleans

    Cladded hall or gymnasium walls look amazing when new but they are prone to algae growth especially on north facing elevations. At Bucks Pressure Washing, we provide hall, gym or general building cladding cleaning service to make the cladding look as good as new.

    Depending on the cladding material and the level of growth and soiling, we either pressure wash, steam clean or chemical wash from the ground or depending on access we’ll bring in a cherry picker or scissor lift.

    Once the cladding is cleaned we apply a biocide to inhibit further algae growth and keep the building looking better for longer.

    School Gym During Cleaning Process
    School Cleaning And Planned Maintenance Services 1

    Wet Pour Playground and Play Area Cleaning

    Wet pour rubber surfaces look astonishing when newly laid out and they are a great asset for school playgrounds. With time they gather dirt, algae and moss. It not only makes the surface slippery and discoloured but prone to collecting ice in winters.

    Bucks Pressure Washing offers cleaning services using high-pressure steam or water to restore the original colours of the wet pour or soft play tiled area.

    Once the area is cleaned, we apply antibacterial disinfectant and algaecide. It keeps the area safe and inhibits the regrowth of algae.

    wet pour after cleaning
    wet pour before cleaning
    School Cleaning And Planned Maintenance Services 1

    Bird and Pigeon Proofing

    Pigeons and other birds can cause damage to health and ruin walls. Additionally, nesting trash and debris can inhibit with air conditioning vents, signage, lighting fixtures, security cameras and more. Thus, you would want your educational facility bird and pigeon proof and fortunately Bucks Pressure Washing can help.

    We clean all the nesting debris and install a range of bird deterrents depending on the location. We also install anti perching spikes on the walls, window ledges, parapets and high lighting poles.

    Pigeon Proofing In Milton Keynes
    School Cleaning And Planned Maintenance Services 1

    Wooden Play Equipment Cleaning

    Wooden play equipment and climbing frames are a great place for pupils to play and increase their fitness, but if not looked after correctly the wood can soon become slippery and start to rot. especially in damp tree covered areas.

    play equipment after cleaning
    play equipment before cleaning
    School Cleaning And Planned Maintenance Services 1